The Price of Doing Nothing


We've seen these echos of history before. A seemingly endless cycle of ignoring the difficult reality of our ancestry. "hampstering" endlessly without meaningful progress towards a common goal. How many times must we repeat the same mistakes before we accept the severe cost of our collective failure?

If there is no solution, the alternative is too terrible for words.

The alternative is civil war, and what must be realized by everybody on all sides is that nobody gains from this.

On one side, what use is one man, one vote if you're not there to exercise it, and on the other side, what is the use of maintaining a situation of privilege and power over a desert?

The price of no solution is total destruction.

John Hume, "Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland," Episode 1 - "It Wasn’t Like a Movie Anymore." WGBH Video

I've observed preventable tragedy and unnecessary suffering through-out each stage of my life. Among all the flaws of humanity, the one that seems to plague us the most is our overwhelming hubris. We slather it across toast like warm butter. A natural cure-all. Satisfying in the moment, but in gross conflict with reality in our veins: toes are lifeless and dead, our ankles started failing just a short while ago, and the rest of the body is not long for this world.

When will we begin to see humanity as an extension of ourselves, rather than a buffet of opportunities for self-interest?

Soon would be nice.