My lack of Social Media Presence


I want to make it clear that I do not have an active presence on social media platforms for social engagement. Any profiles you come across using my name, photographs, or likeness on social media sites such as Facebook, X, Instagram, or similar platforms are not operated by me and should be considered as impersonations or false accounts.

While social media platforms have become a common way for people to interact and share, I have deliberately chosen not to engage on these platforms. The primary reason for my decision is my concern about the addictive nature of social media and the detrimental effects it can have on mental health. My focus remains on meaningful, real-world interactions and professional development.

Where You Could Find Me

While you won't find me being "social" online, there are platforms where I maintain accounts solely for professional purposes such as code repositories, informational video content, or industry-specific forums. Here is a list of platforms where you could find genuine accounts operated by me:

  • GitHub: Used for some code repositories and open-source contributions.
  • PeerTube, YouTube: Hosting and sharing videos.

For Authentic Interaction

If you're here for professional reasons, you're at the wrong digital address. This is my personal space: part playground and part gateway to my artwork, in whatever form it chooses to manifest.

Ah, you wished to contact me directly! Fear not. 'Ye who are valiant and pure of spirit may find me in the Castle of Aaargh.